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A Letter from One Skater to Another

| January 28th, 2013 | No Comments »

I constantly hear people saying “I can’t do it” …. I also have that problem but I try to remember and apply the words of the Mad Hatter.. Alice: “it’s impossible” The Mad Hatter: “only if you believe it is” Take the God damn negativity out of your mind! Your mind is more powerful than you think it is and when you put yourself down your performance will dwindle along with your self confidence. Tonight at practice I was working with someone who said that she couldn’t do something.. I told her to take the word “can’t” out of her vocabulary and sure enough she mastered the concept on her next try. Not everything we do will come easy to us, which is why we PRACTICE! If we all believe in ourselves then we all will improve and become amaZing!!!! Without self confidence we cannot have team confidence (if that

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Junior League Workouts in the Off Season

| August 8th, 2012 | No Comments »

  Staying Fit During the Off-Season Our frightmares may get a break from regular weekly practice, but they are not giving themselves a break from fitness! Check out what they are doing this summer! “I’ve been going to open gyms at Arlington HIgh School for soccer twice a week and going to Northstar once a week to get in shape for tryouts.”  -Gillian “all summer i’ve been skating at the rink every friday night, playing basketball, and swimming!” -Ally “I just got outdoor wheels” -Bethany “ While on vacation in beautiful Montana I went kyaking, jumping on the trampoline, swimming out to the dock in Whitefish Lake, tons of stairs that led to water slides, I challanged my Aunt Tavia (Master Seargent in Army National Guard) to a 3 minute plank ( I won! )  But she can kick my butt in push ups!!!!!!! I also helped split and stack

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Hudson Valley Frightmares Open Recruitment September 2012

| August 6th, 2012 | No Comments »

The Hudson Valley Frightmares Junior Roller Derby league is gearing up for a historical remainder of the season, returning to the track on September 11, 2012. The Frightmares have been practicing hard, and building a league from the ground up since in 2010, and we are now recruiting new members to join our junior league team. All potential skaters must be excited to skate, share the enthusiasm of the sport of roller derby, and be ready to have fun at any given time. No experience? no problem! We will teach you how to skate! This past May, several skaters passed the first administered WFTDA basic skills practical exam and will begin bouting in official games in 2013. However, it’s not too late to be part of the action! HVFJRD is always accepting new members! Come out on September 11 at Hyde Park Roller Magic to show us why you are

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Topricin: A Story from a Roller Girl Who Doesn’t Train Without It

| May 13th, 2012 | No Comments »

It’s Friday night and I can barely lift my arms with out pain.  I spent two hours in a Just for Kicks conditioning class two nights ago.  You know how they say the 2nd day is the worst.  Well the first day wasn’t that great and I got a feeling tomorrow ain’t gonna be any better. I’m not worried though because I have a giant pump of Topricin that graces my nightstand on a permanent basis.  I apply it morning and night after putting my body through the ringer.  Because it’s all natural I don’t have to worry about od’ing on it.  It can be used as often as I need.  And that need is often! For Just About Any Injury I am an avid Snowboarder, into Weight Training and I’ve been doing Roller Derby going into my fifth season now.  Roller Derby is how I became introduced to Topricin.

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Frightmares Junior League Starts February 7th

| February 4th, 2012 | No Comments »

Join the Roller Derby Junior League We welcome girls of all shapes and sizes to come out and join in the grass-roots derby revival that has become a global phenomenon! Roller Derby promotes a positive body image and encourages confidence!

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Off-Skates Training at Just for Kicks Martial Arts

| December 23rd, 2011 | 1 Comment »

The Horrors just got back from a mixed martial arts conditioning class with Master Robert Blum at Just For Kicks Martial Arts in Fishkill.  Master Blum holds workshops for us throughout the season and they always prove to be extremely challenging (especially in the off-season).  This one certainly kicked butt and I can tell you why I know that… Several of us almost puked during the class and one of us actually did The pain kicked in almost immediately after the class (usually it waits until the morning) I am so wired from the class (that ended an hour ago) that I am up writing a blog post The class lasted about two hours and consisted of LOTS of push-ups of varying kinds, ab work, squats, lunges, jumps, etc. (each section ending with the hardest type).  We then moved into cardio and interval training and punch and kick intervals.  The

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